A month plus in ranking your site with less backlinks

This case studies and implementations was performed last February 2014 up to present.
For ranking a site’s domain, from 2nd page of GOOGLE to 1st page (#1) in just 1 month and a week.

Some of us believes that ranking your site in Google’s search results is possible, by throwing dozens and  thousands  of links to your site. Well probably it might be. But are those links are good enough to rank your site? Or maybe it may cause you to fall under penalty.

In this article, I will going to share you and give some insights on what i did to rank my site domain/brand (Plumber Davidson) from 2nd to 1st page in Google despite its competitiveness and without doing too much backlinking. In which I believe that there are still factors that can lift your sites ranking without putting too much effort in link building. So first things first, you must implement some Tests(A/B). See image below. And for a record, it gains some massive impressions.



excel test a and b

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How SEO works

If you are a business owner (regardless of the size, either big or small), you may think of the best strategy/advertising that would definitely boost your market. SEO is the answer!

SEO | PPC |TV Media

  • Will suite regarding your needs. But I advise you to go for SEO.
  • Why? Please see flow chart below :

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Basic Way to Drive Traffic on your Niche

Every webmaster and online business owner wants to have their site
visible and gain:

  • Desired ROI
  • Searches to Client, and
  • Sales

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How newbie site gains massive traffic and conversion overtime?


We all know that having a good traffic comes a good conversion.

By means of :

  • Targeting desired location and audience
  • Content marketing
  • Cross promotion on Social Media
  • And other ways to improve CRO and traffic

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SEO Legends Meet New SEO guy



I can’t send or share you the link since its a newsfeed from G+. But be sure to share this blog after reading if you think its worth sharing though. Anyways, yesterday April 15, 2014, while checking my G+ profile and tracking my sites (plumber collaroy) performance, a post had caught my attention as well as the knight unicorn with the moon.  It was actually a post  from Eric Enge about Modern Age SEO Myths.   Before anything else let me introduce you the cast of arguments.

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Implementations for Ranking your Brand


Doing some SEO stuff , that may affect rankings and sites reputations.
Well that’s not me. Though I know the rules and guidelines (not all), but
how come they not?.

Or maybe i should say they were not updated in every updates and changes
that are happening in the world of SEO. Sometimes It comes in my mind to send them a link like
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Global SEO

One of the hardest campaign that we might consider. With no specific CCTLDs (country code specific top level domains). Its just like ranking on in every places. From country 1, 2 , 3, 4 etc. So when typing a keywords into a search bar of a search engines (e,i Google.com or Yahoo.com). Supposedly the keywords will be showing and ranking anywhere with no specific country locations.
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Local SEO


The difference between Local and Global SEO is far too similar. Since Local SEO targeting TLD in a specific country (e.g Australia, Philippines, US etc.) as opposed to Global or International SEO (no specific targeted location).

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Backlinks to your site




A links pointing to your site (inbound links).  Giving signals that your website did exist in the world of internet search. This strategy commonly used by some specialist before. But now a days SE’s algorithm is been determining what really good links are.

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What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Promoting a campaign of a website through traffic and marketing.
A way of advertising in which efforts and strategy applied. A long term approach without involving any cost or amount. Local and Global were the aspects of SEO in which are increasingly popular these days for specific location that you wanted your site ranking at.

2 Types of SEO

  • Ethical SEO –  (White Hat) following the rules of SE (Search Engines)
  • Unethical SEO – generally called as BLACK HAT Failed to abide the rules of SEs  

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